Monday, February 16, 2009

Youth 2009 Festival !!

Thank you to Youth Says for organizing the event.

A big thank to Bijou Bazaar for inviting us to Creative Mafia@Youth Festival.
Thank you to everyone in Boonga's Supporting Team for helping us out!
A heartfelt thanks to all our customers and supporters for visiting our booth~!
Not to forget,our "neighbours" and everyone who was there...THANK YOU!

We received 50++ orders of shoes from the event!!
We got covered by many media and most importantly, the crowd~!


  1. impressed wit yr designs..congratz!!
    nk tanye,camne nk order??
    i mean after da design n choose the colour,cmne nak baya n get da shoes??

  2. saya ada datang masa itu, tetapi tiada saiz saya. Oh ya! Saya masuk blog ini selepas dengar bual bicara kamu berdua di siaran radio24. :)

  3. wow..cntiknyer..cne nk order??

  4. Pm harga..mcm mn nk ordet.. noor 0198179204